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What Do You Do With a Depressed Teenager?

By Dr. Jennifer Baxt

troubled teen pictureNo parent wants to hear or believe that their teenage son or daughter is depressed, but it happens. It could be that the teen is having difficulty in dealing with the loss of a family member or close friend, are having difficulty with other students at school or are suffering from stresses from home, school and/or work. Ignoring the problem will not help it go away.
Parents who believe their child might be depressed should find help for their teenage son or daughter, instead of ignoring the problem and hoping that it will go away. Dealing with the possible depression properly as soon as possible will give the teenager the best chance at getting out of their depression and having a good start to their life.

There are a number of things that a parent can do in order to ease the stress or help their teenage son or daughter deal with their depression. The most important thing to do is to be there for them. They need the support and reassurance that their parent(s) are there for them if they need to talk. It can be difficult for parents to deal with a depressed teenager, but with patience, understanding and being there for them, the teenager will pull through.

Encouraging them to go out and get involved in activities and exercise will also help to get them out of feeling depressed, because it is something that can take their mind off of whatever it is that is causing them discomfort. Encouraging them to further develop and maintain their social life can also go a long way in improving their mood, because going out and having fun with friends is another great way to take one's focus off of something that is causing them distress. However, even with encouraging such things, getting the teenager to speak with a counselor will also help a lot in helping them find their way out of depression.

Online counseling is what many parents and depressed teenagers are taking advantage of. Not only is it convenient, it also helps a person to feel more secure in the confidentiality of the counseling sessions they participate in. Many people will have difficulty in speaking with a stranger in person and will often find it easier to express what they are feeling over the internet, and teenagers are no exception. The best thing that a parent can do for a depressed teen, besides showing them support and understanding, is to get them in touch with an online therapist.

The online counselor will exchange online messages with the teenager through online therapy and find out what is causing the teenager to become depressed. The online therapist will then help the teenager to find their way out of their depression and help the teenager to learn how to deal with the stress in their life. After the teenager learns how to deal with what is making them depressed, they can continue to live their lives without the depression getting in their way as much as it would have without counseling.

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