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October 2009

Defy the Devil Depression

The “devil depression” hits now and then and makes our lives miserable. We feel blue and gradually it becomes a habit. Blame it on life and the unfortunate incidents in life that was beyond our control. But only few incidents of life where we proved ourselves to be unlucky do not have enough reasons to lead a life of frustration and depression. This life is a gift of God and we deserve to be happy and healthy through out our life.

Heal Yourself With Water - The Water Treatment

Most people have figured out by now that medicine does not cure disease. Medicine isn't necessarily bad; it just isn't necessary. Do not let your fear of disease make you forget that humanity wasn't exactly dying off when pharmaceutical companies saw a financial opportunity and exploded onto the scene. You need to know the facts; then, if you still choose to be ill, it will truly be a "free choice," and not one born of the absence of awareness.

Not Again - It's Time To Get Over Depression

Depression is a subjective point of view. It is not reality. It is a created reality and only imagined in the mind. What only seems to be depressing is truly not depressing. The problem is that the person is seeing their life as some kind of victimized event and that is why they are feeling so depressed.

Can Green Tea Fight Depression?

Researcher at the Tohoku University located in Japan recently published a study in Clinical Nutrition showing that when older subjects drank green tea they had a lower incidence of depression symptoms than their non tea drinking counterparts.



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