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Depression - Myths and Facts 
by Rajsuman Jha 

     It is not a major medical condition - MYTH

Depression is a common, serious medical condition that can disrupt daily functioning.

Effects of Depression imageAt the extreme, people with depression may harm themselves. Brain imaging research shows that the  brains of people with depression function differently than those of non depressed people. In depressed people, brain areas that regulate mood, behaviour, thinking, appetite and sleep function abnormally.

     Most depressed people do not seek medical help - FACT
Only 39 per cent of people with severe depression see a mental health professional.
Many depressed patients remain undiagnosed or under treated. Some cases of depression are tough to treat. But the vast majority of cases are highly treatable with antidepressants and talk therapy . The earlier treatment begins, the more effective it is.

     If ancestry had depression, you will get it eventually - MYTH
You are three times more likely to develop depression if your parents suffered depression, but it is not inevitable. Scientists believe the risk of developing depression results from a combination of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors.

     Depression causes physical pain - FACT
Depression causes emotional symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, and hopelessness.
But it can also cause physical symptoms such as chest pain, queasy or nauseated sensations, dizziness or lightheadedness, sleep problems, exhaustion, and changes in weight and appetite.

     Only emotionally troubled become depressed - MYTH
Depression affects people from all walks of life, not just people with previous emotional troubles. Depression can strike after the loss of a loved one, trauma, or other stressful situations like the loss of a job.

     Depression is most common in elderly people - MYTH
People assume elderly to suffer from depression the most. In fact, middle-aged men and women (years 40-59) have the highest rates of depression. Depression is not a normal part of aging. However, poor health, medication side effects, social isolation, and financial troubles can trigger depression in elderly people.

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Article Source: Depression - Myths and facts



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