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Great Herbs to Treat Depression Naturally

Quite a number of people living with depression don't want to depend on synthetic antidepressant drugs usually prescribed by doctors. Looking at the possibility of being on medications for depression and anxiety for life, many people are turning to herbal treatment for depression. They would rather find natural cures for depression that will help them cope with the depressive condition they experience every day.

Natural cures for depression imageMost illnesses can be treated or cured using the right herbs. These illnesses can range from anything from allergies, colds and flu, insomnia to severe clinical depression. Natural herbs to treat depression have been proven to reduce or eliminate the depression symptoms with a lower risk for side effects than commonly prescribed depression medications.

St. Johns Wort - The most notable herb to treat depression is St. John’s Wort. This herb for the natural treatments of depression and anxiety has been the subject of numerous clinical studies. Though not definitive, these studies do agree that results have been positive. Many claim that the results they get from St. Johns Wort are the same, if not better than from the drug Prozac. This herbal remedy has been used for centuries and is one of the most well known herbs for treating the symptoms of depression. It has properties to help you relax, such as a sedative. This mighty herb has a balancing effect on the nervous system; therefore, it is really good for fighting depression.

Valerian - This herb produces sedation on the whole autonomic and central nervous systems, decreasing anxiety, as well as blood pressure. Valerian is an anti-anxiety agent and is used also as a sleep aid. It seems to take time to become fully effective but some people do find results almost immediately.

Chamomile – German Chamomile is a mild sedative. A chamomile herbal tea can help you to have a better sleep during the nights. But if you are experiencing problems with lethargy you probably don’t want to take this herb during the day. If in the morning you are still experiencing lethargy you better take a cup of Lemon balm tea. What you really need to find with herbs for depression and anxiety is a balance for your body that allows you to feel better.

Lemon Balm - Balm is recommended for herbal treatment for depression because of its gentle sedative and balancing effects on the nervous system. Balm belongs to the mint family, and is also known as melissa. The use of this herb can stimulate the brain that can eventually get rid of lethargy.

Lavender - Lavender balances the autonomic and central nervous system. It is recommended in cases of nervous anxiety to reduce depression symptoms.

Thyme - Thyme stimulates the intellectual faculties and mental agility, however lacking side effects like those of coffee or tea, to which it is a favourable substitute. It is recommended to treat anxiety and depression, reduces insomnia symptoms. Also a mint family member, the thyme can be mixed with other foods and can ward off feelings of melancholy.

Angelica - Angelica is beneficial for the depression treatment because of its sedative and balancing properties on the nervous system.

Sage - Sage is nervous system invigorating and has a mild stimulating action on suprarenal glands. Like the balm, the sage also belongs to the mint family and can be used for treating depression and anxiety.

herbs for depression imageMarjoram - This herb decreases the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the arterial contraction, therefore lowering the blood pressure.

Green Tea -  Green Tea helps to improve cognitive ability. It is used to help improve memory, ease stomach aches and boost your over-all metabolism. It may also help to increase your mood and ease your depression symptoms. It also aids in memory.

Celery - Celery gives a feeling of vitality and well-being. Celery juice is very useful when used as a general invigorator and mineraliser, mixed with tomato, carrot, and lemon juice. It is recommended for people suffering from exhaustion or depression and anxiety disorders.

Sesame - Sesame is an excellent nutritional complement for people undergoing high mental or intellectual activity, and great for people suffering from depression.

Dandelion Root - often used to benefit the liver. It can also help Diabetes, smoking cessation, and helpful in other chronic illnesses. It may also be used in herbal treatment for depression.

Just remember you should never take herbs to treat depression without first speaking to a physician, especially if you are already on medication for depression and insomnia. Some herbs for depression are natural antidepressants. A doctor will often prescribe an anti-depression medication, which can interact with the herbs for depression. In fact, if you take two antidepressants at the same time you can create the opposite effect.



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