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Not Again! - It's Time To Get Over Depression

Depression is a subjective point of view. It is not reality. It is a created reality and only imagined in the mind. What only seems to be depressing is truly not depressing. The problem is that the person is seeing their life as some kind of victimized event and that is why they are feeling so depressed.

Depression Demon ImageHave you ever notice that a depressed person rarely laughs or that people that don't laugh don't really get to love either? Depression is a choice. Unfortunately, that choice leads to not being able to enjoy life for its simple things and also for its grandest things. Choosing depression leads to a horrible cycle, rendering the person incapable of accessing the necessary mindset for love and for laughter. Without love and laughter, one cannot live life to its fullest. Life will become plain and dull, dark and dim. It will only take a matter of time until the person breaks down. Physically, emotionally and spiritually, the person will become unhealthy. Because of the depression, they won't have the desire to go for walks, to meet new people, etc. The condition only gets worse. Until they finally tell themselves to "snap out of it", they are essentially digging a bottomless pit.

The way to get out of that pit is to realize that life is worth living. The world may very well be a difficult place, but other people have succeeded through times of depression. Those who succeeded didn't exactly overcome it on the first try. It may have taken dozens, perhaps hundreds or thousands of times - but what matters more than these numbers is that fact that they ploughed through regardless of the circumstances. They didn't care if they were depressed. That may seem ironic, but that is the truth. In order to overcome depression, the person just has to act like its not there (because really, it's not). Eventually, the person will just form the habit of behaving in a way that is ignores depression and then eventually they will have conquered it.

The words "freedom at last", must sound good to the ears of a person in depression. They know very well that they can overcome depression. This is especially true if they have conquered other circumstances (such as an addiction) in the past. Considering the fact that a number of people have accomplished such a feat, it is absolutely possible for any kind of person to become alive again and to forget those dull and dim ways of living in depression. After all, what is life for? It isn't about lying in bed moping about how bad or sad the situation may be. It's really about seeing through all of that and feeling great, doing what needs to be done, testing one's self, pushing the limits, etc.

If you're in a depression, then be around people who aren't. Essentially, that also means to get away from the situations that you're in, be it a negative relationship, a negative family member, a dull job or boss, etc - whatever it is, just get away from it. People slowly become what they have surrounded themselves with. So, if you're surrounded by sarcasm, put-downs, abusive (physical and/or mental) then the solution is plain and simple - you have to get out and leave it. Depression isn't a big deal. It's just that the mind likes to see it that way. The mind seeks ways to prove itself and so if you're feeling depressed, then your mind will look for everything that's depressing (to prove itself). Same thing with balance and happiness; the mind will act in concert with the chosen emotion. So then choose life, balance and happiness.

It's time to put away depression.

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Depression
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