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Holistic Medicine for Depression.

Natural Holistic Medicine is a form of therapy focused at treating the whole person, not just the part in which the symptoms of decease occur. Finding right holistic treatment for depression involves developing a treatment plan to rule out any possible underlying causes, make lifestyle changes, correct nutritional deficiencies and include exercise in daily routine.

Holistic Treatment imageDepression is a complicated disorder and quite often caused by an underlying cause. If there is an underlying cause such as hormone imbalance, thyroid problems, or stress related adrenal problems it will greatly impact the efficiency of any treatment whether conventional or alternative.

If you want to overcome depression without drugs then breathing techniques, regular exercise and relaxation methods and other holistic medicine approaches for depression should be included in the treatment of depression. Latest researches have found that deep breathing is really helpful for depression treatment, as is meditation.

What is holistic treatment for depression? 

Natural Holistic Medicine includes ancient techniques to treat the mind, body and spirit of the person in order to help in overcoming depression. Each element of holistic treatment for depression is based in hundreds, often thousands of years, of experience from cultures around the world.

While holistic treatment may not be for everyone, it has helped millions of people overcome serious physical and psychological health problems – and should be considered by anyone seeking relief from depression who does not want to take drugs or engage in traditional psychotherapy.

Basically, holistic depression therapy is divided into three broad categories:


1. Treatment for the Body.
One of the all-embracing parts of holistic care is improving the body’s physical health. People suffering from depression often can find help through physical holistic healing methods such as Message Therapy and Chiropractic Medicine. Other approaches include dietary and nutritional consultation, herbal therapy, ayurveda, acupuncture, acupressure, Rolfing, martial arts, chi gung, hatha yoga, drumming therapy, and other proven-successful holistic methods for making the body stronger and improving its connection to the mind and spirit.

  • Yoga for Depression. Yoga is a kind of stretching exercise that combines physical activity with meditation. Many Yoga exercises focus on deep breathing, which can have an overall calming effect on the body and mind. Stretching helps relieve muscle tension built up from mental stress and anxiety.

  • Drumming for Depression. Cultures around the world have used drumming techniques for rituals, celebrations and medicinal purposes for centuries. Deep, rhythmic beats can help calm the body and mind. Researchers at the Mind-Body Wellness Center have published studies related to the positive effects of drumming on the mental health.

  • Meditation for Depression. The word meditation has Latin roots. It is derived from two words: “meditari” for thought and “mederi” for healing. It is a common misunderstanding that meditation is worship or a prayer, but meditation mostly means to be aware of your own being. Meditation can be used as a relaxation method without any spiritual or religious goal. Even focusing and controlling your own breath is a form of meditation. Meditation is very effective in overcoming depression. There are many types of meditation, but all involve focusing attention on a word, a phrase, an image, an idea or the act of breathing. Meditation would typically be practiced sitting in a quiet environment for around 20-30 minutes a day.

  • Massage Therapy for Depression. Therapeutic Massage has also been shown to decrease the symptoms of depression. Not only massage releases tense muscles that often accompany depression, but toxins are moved through and out of the body which can be causing feelings of lethargy and fatigue. People who are depressed and isolated often are deprived of human contact. Just being touched by another person even in a caring therapeutic way can increase feelings of well being and hope. The relief from pain through massage for those with chronic pains can also ease the accompanying feelings of depression and anxiety.

2. Treatment for the MindTreating depression without drugs imsge
One of the main elements of holistic depression treatment involves strengthening the mind so that person has the mental ability to fight depression. This involves working with the emotions and thoughts, which include psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, journaling, art therapy, music therapy, sound therapy, dream work, yoga, and mindfulness meditation. Two of the most common holistic treatment practices that enrich the mind are yoga and meditation. Both provide focus and balance which are essential to coping with depressive symptoms.

3. Treatment for the Spirit.
Spiritual wellness provides the main piece to the depression treatment puzzle.  Holistic healing for the Spirit involves treating the spiritual dimension or accessing the wisdom of the essential soul or self. This part is certainly one of the most important elements of holistic care for people with depression. Enriching spirit of the person is achieved through varieties of techniques such as yoga, Buddhist meditation, shamanism, energy healing (pranic healing, Reiki), mindfulness meditation (Vipassana), transpersonal psychotherapy, the drumming therapy, tai chi, aikido, kung fu and other acts designed to raise consciousness and obtain a better understanding of one’s condition. These spiritual techniques engage the body and mind, but also go beyond these and develop into more subtle levels of consciousness.

Holistic treatment for depression is not a one-fits-all prescription, and it is always essential to be open-minded yet careful when choosing a treatment approach whether it is a traditional or alternative treatment for depression. A combination including conventional medicine, alternative treatment, and good nutrition is strongly recommended for the effective treatment of depression.



  1. jurplesman Says:
  2. It is essential for a person wit depression to go on a hypoglycemic diet as explained at:

    Depression is a Nutritional Disorder at:

  3. Margaret Says:
  4. Depression is a kind of aversion to activity and it may lead to some negative consequences in life. It is important that people must try to avoid the depression and anxiety which is always common in life. Meditation is a very nice method for controlling depression and anxiety. Acupuncture treatment is getting popular nowadays for curing depression illness.
    Thanks for the great content shared here.

  5. Greg Says:
  6. Thanks for the comment. interesting article on Holistic healing, I found it necessary with my depression to tackle it from many avenues including holistic. Take care.


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