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Depression Hurts But You Have Power to Beat It!

     “Know your enemy-it is invaluable advice for anyone who is fighting depression. If you recognize the early depression symptoms you will be able to seek treatment before it takes complete control of your live. Because one of the most debilitating aspects of depression is steeling its victims will to act. Depression is a vicious cycle. Those who fail to take the action will only become less and less capable to act as time passes. 

Dealing with depression and anxiety is far from easy; I know that as I have had to fight against many of inner demons. I have spent many nights trying desperately to fall asleep but being unable to. Depression and anxiety happens to the people all the time and I hope that if you understand it and know that it isn't something to hide, cover up, or ignore, your can gain the power to beat it.
At the very least about 30% of the Americans suffer from a physical symptoms of depression.  

Depression hurts! It can not only destroy person suffering with depression, but those who mean the most, including friends and family. A serious major depression can ruin a family if left untreated. This is really bad news! The good news is that there is a treatment and relief available for depression sufferers.

However, the majority of people who are dealing with depression and anxiety do not get treated. We have learned in recent years that depression happens mostly due to a chemical imbalance or mix-up in the brain. These mix-ups can be treated with medications. Depression is treatable, just like high blood pressure, diabetes, and any other disease. It is simply a matter of reaching out for help, finding the right medication, using the natural treatments, and following directions.

Think of this like having a car that has an engine light flashing. You wouldn't ignore trouble signs and think you could just keep on driving. You would investigate what have happened, get mechanic to check out your car, and fix whatever went wrong. The same thing applies if you develop a fever over 102F, are covering with sweat, and become weaker and weaker. You know something has to be done. This is exactly the same when you suspect you can have a depression. Something is terribly wrong and you must act quickly.

How do you know if you have depression? Depression hurts a person emotionally and physically. It involves your mood, your thoughts, your appetite, your sleep, and your feelings of self esteem. Depression destroys your thinking ability and all you can think about is how miserable you and your life are. It is not just some blah or the blues. Everybody has a few or more days when they feel down and sad. This is different. This is an emotional pitfall you have fallen into which affects your family, your job, and your whole life.

Depression image It's a horrible feeling of hopelessness, of failure, of thinking that there is no way to get things better. You actually do 'drag' yourself along, thinking that you would rather hide somewhere and avoid everyone. If you are depressed you cannot just 'keep it together', put a smiley face on, square your shoulders, and get a stiff upper lip. No matter how hard you try to lift yourself up, you just can't. And it tends to get worse, not better. If you don't get treatment, this can last for months or even years.

Depression, like a thief can steal your life. It crawls into your life, steals your energy and self esteem, and whispers that you are worthless. Depression can drive you to actually think about suicide, and ending this agony which has made your life a pure hell.

Depression can affect people at any age, of any race, any ethnic, or any economic group. It doesn't just happen to sensitive people and is truly an equal opportunity illness. It is not a form of weakness but is a serious health problem.

Whichever category you fall into, here you will find some simple tips to help you manage your depression.

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